Bloom’s Taxonomy and its two updates:

Due to my just recently entry to the field of education I wasn’t aware of the importance of Bloom’s taxonomy as a learning process.

It has been more than fifty years since the original Bloom’s Taxonomy was developed and it is still an essential tool for educators to establish learning objectives. In the 1990’s, a former student of Bloom Lorin Anderson revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and was published in 2001, changing both the use of nouns (using verbs instead) as their sequence.   Recently, Dr. Andrew Churches updated this review to bring it into alignment with the new realities of the digital age. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy complemented each category with verbs and digital tools that enable development skills of Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and Create.

Graphics of evolution Bloom’s taxonomy

 Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Bloom’s Revised Digital Taxonomy Map

The original taxonomy and the revised taxonomy are both focused within the cognitive domain. The Digital Taxonomy is not only restricted to the cognitive domain but it rather contains cognitive elements as well as methods and tooling.

Bloom’s as a learning process

Bloom’s Taxonomy can be understood as “The Goals of the Learning Process”. This means that after a process of learning, students must have acquired new skills and knowledge.

Before we can understand a concept we must have to remember it

Before we can apply the concept we must understand it

Before we analyze it we must be able to apply it

Before we can evaluate its impact we must have analyzed it

Before we can create we must have remembered, understood, applied, analyzed, and evaluated.

What a better task to get the thinking skills involved at all the levels of the taxonomy as the creation of this post.

Rewriting the activity I would categorize it as followed:

Activity: Post onto your blog a reflection of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

  1. 1.     – Recalling: Searching or googling about Bloom’s Taxonomy. Highlight key words. Bookmarking (marking web sites, resources and files)
  2. 2.     Understanding: Organizing and classifying files, web sites and materials using folders, etc. Summarizing, classifying and comparing information about Taxonomy.
  3. 3.     Applying: Blog editing, create and upload mind maps and graphics. Make a wordle with Bloom’s Taxonomy concepts.
  4. 4.     Analyzing: Compare the original taxonomy with its two updates,, structure and integrate the new post.
  5. 5.     Evaluating: Redraft a personal reflections about Bloom’s Taxonomy ( check, review and post as a draft)
  6. 6.     Creating:  Publishing Bloom’s Taxonomy Reflection as a new post on your blog space. Final Blogging.

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First off I must admit that I am getting in this site because of my tkt course starting tomorrow yay! As of " high tech " refers I must confess as well I am not really good at it but this turns out even more exciting since I am begining with a big challenge ahead :S
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5 Responses to Bloom’s Taxonomy and its two updates:

  1. Congratulations Liz! You have just earned the post of the week prize. This is exactly what will help you learn about Bloom’s Taxonomy. Wow! Ellen

  2. Pingback: The TKT Candidate Post of the Week | Teaching Knowledge Test Prep

  3. lizeth2011 says:

    Thank you Ellen! :):) I must say I enjoyed every minute of the creation , as well as the glogster project. I am happy to share interesting knowledge through my blog.
    I look forward to getting more feedback and to keep learning and improving my blogging .

  4. Julieta says:

    I’ve just checked your blog. It’s awesome! I wouldn’t think about applying bloom’s taxonomy on our own task of blogging. Good idea and very good reflection.

  5. Sergio Gomar says:

    Hey Lizeth!!!
    After reading your blog, I used it to create a reconsideration for teaching new vocabulary and you blog was a great guidance. I linked the Bloom´s Revised Digital Taxonomy map and your blog as well. Thank you for your ideas and you surely deserve the acknowledgements…

    P.S. New creations are made from previous ones which are the ones that ignite the light in our minds.

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